Forced into the unknown

Sorry for the lack of posts recently I have been unable to use my laptop or camera due to tearing a couple of muscles in my shoulder which is going to take a while to heal 😦

This injury means that I am out of action from using my camera point of view. However, it is forcing me to use my iPhone more (that’s how I’m writing this post).

iPhone photography is not an area that I have ever explored seriously before. I have usually just taken a quick snap when I haven’t had my camera. I never thought you would be able to the same quality images on a phone as you can with a camera. However, after reading a number of articles on how best to use my phones camera I have been pleasantly surprised. 

Close up allium flower taken with iPhone

One of my main topics of photography is Macro nature. Phone cameras don’t have a 1:1 ratio as a specialist macro lens does however, if you use the square option in your camera settings you are able to get close up images. Images that I never thought were possible.

Thanks to modern technology we can all get out and take photographs. Why not try and take some closeup images with your phone the next time you’re in your garden? 


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