Forced into the unknown

Sorry for the lack of posts recently I have been unable to use my laptop or camera due to tearing a couple of muscles in my shoulder which is going to take a while to heal 😦

This injury means that I am out of action from using my camera point of view. However, it is forcing me to use my iPhone more (that’s how I’m writing this post).

iPhone photography is not an area that I have ever explored seriously before. I have usually just taken a quick snap when I haven’t had my camera. I never thought you would be able to the same quality images on a phone as you can with a camera. However, after reading a number of articles on how best to use my phones camera I have been pleasantly surprised. 

Close up allium flower taken with iPhone

One of my main topics of photography is Macro nature. Phone cameras don’t have a 1:1 ratio as a specialist macro lens does however, if you use the square option in your camera settings you are able to get close up images. Images that I never thought were possible.

Thanks to modern technology we can all get out and take photographs. Why not try and take some closeup images with your phone the next time you’re in your garden? 


Wildlife Gardening for Photography

Having moved into a brand new house our garden was just laid to turf, there were no boarders or flowers. In the year and a half since we moved in we have planted 3 boarders, several trees, various bird feeders and more recently a pond.

All of the plants that we picked for our garden have been chosen for how good they are for wildlife. A large number of them are ‘bee blue’ these are flowers that are blue or purple because bee’s base the colours they can see on ultraviolet light. However, bees can’t see Red flowers as this is not in the ultraviolet spectrum. These plants are also beneficial for butterflies.

But why does this all mater?

Number 1: The flowers that the plants themselves produce are beautiful and provide a wealth of photographic opportunities.

Number 2: The plants attract a wide range of insects that a beneficial to the birds that come to my garden but also provide me another subject to photograph.

Number 3: And the most important one. It’s helping nature in my local area. It’s helping the bees and other animals that come into my garden.

How can you do the same?

When buying plants look for ones that have a symbol of a bee or a butterfly on them. They will help to attract the insects.

Once you’ve got your garden sorted you can use some of the techniques in my previous blog about macro photography to capture photographs of the flowers and insects.


Macro photography

Macro photography is one of my favourite types of photography as you can probably guess from all of the flower photos that I post.

But what is Macro photography?

Macro photography is: photography where you increase the size of an object in the picture from roughly half life-size to around five times life size.

This can give extra detail to flowers, insects or everyday objects that you have lying around the house.

There are many ways to create these images from buying a dedicated Macro lens (like me), using extension tubes on lenses that you already have or macro filters that you add like any other filter to the front of your lens. Most of my early pictures were taken with a macro filter as I wanted to explore macro photography before I bought a lens. I highly recommend them as an easy low cost way to start out in this world. They take some getting used to but once your used to them then there will be no stopping you.

Why not go out in your garden on a bug hunt and see what you can find. Take some pictures and share your results.





The Photography Show

Earlier this month I spent 10 days at Europes largest photography show in Birmingham.

The main purpose of me attending was to learn about new innovations in photography. I went to a number of talks ranging from how to grow Instagram followers to Frans Lanting and his talk on nature.

I also looked at the new products that likes of Nikon, Kodak and Sigma have bought out recently.

There was also networking for pro’s in the pro lounge where I met a number of other pros and we exchanged tips.

I’ll be putting the tips into practice over the next few months so expect to see more from me 🙂


Favourite Time Of Year

Spring is my favourite time of year to be a photographer. I love being outside in the fresh air taking photographs of the first wave of flowers with the sun beating down on my back. It’s lovely to see the vibrant colours that are starting to appear ranging from the yellows of the daffodils to the purples of the tulips.

The main challenge that I face with my camera is the wind blowing the flowers around. I have to be patient as I wait for it to die down. There is nothing worse than a blurred photo caused by the wind blowing the flower just as I press the shutter.

It’s the time when you can go for long walks or in my case long sessions in the wheelchair through blue bell woods which lend themselves to a whole range of different types of photographs.

There is so much for a photographer to photograph in spring why not have ago yourself?

photography · welcome

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017, A New Year a New Start. The time to start afresh by setting our News Year’s resolutions. I must confess I’m not one to usually to set a resolution as I will usual break it by the end of the second week in January but this year I have actually set one and I hope that I can carry it through to the end of year. I want to make my photography business a success.

Having turned pro in August 2016 I thought it would just be a case of taking a few pictures of things, creating a website and away I’d go. But what people don’t tell is all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Finding the locations, processing the images, uploading them to sights, social media and not to mention keeping a track of expenses. It is certainly not an easy business to get started in where everyone has a camera in their phone.

Throughout 2017 I want to share the images that I have enjoyed photographing and think you will share in my enjoyment of viewing. If there is anything in particular that you would like to see more of then please drop me an email and I will try my hardest to accommodate the request.

Thank you for all your support so far and here’s to a fantastic 2017

Moon · photography

Being Published

I love capturing a full moon and after standing outside for 40 minutes in the cold waiting for the clouds to clear I finally managed to get several photographs of the Harvest Moon in September.

I wanted to share a photograph straight away as I know a lot of people were unable to see the full majesty of the moon because of the cloud so I took a picture on my iPhone straight off of the back of my camera and shared it on twitter.

What a surprise it was in the morning when I woke up to find that my tweet and image had been featured on the Huddersfield Examiners website. I know it was only a small thing but it meant a lot to me.

I hope to get a lot more of my photos published in the future

photography · welcome

Who am I?

Hello and Welcome to my website.

Hopefully you will be following me on social media and will therefore know a bit about me and my struggles but if not then you won’t.

I’ve always enjoyed photography but have only ever really seen it as a hobby until I was made redundant in 2015 and was looking for something to do whilst I was hunting for another job so I picked up my camera and started photographing things around the house. Especially my poor cats who had to endure the camera being poked in their face nearly every day. I think they were relieved when I finally found a new job. But I had caught the bug and I carried out on taking pictures when ever I could.

The only thing that would stop me is my health. Unfortunately, in the August I lost my peripheral vision in both eyes and now have limited eyesight but I don’t let this on top of all my other health conditions stop me.

I’m the crazy lady sat at the side of an airfield in the pouring rain in a wheelchair. I’m outside in battling the wind to try and get a picture of a flower before it starts to rain as the lightings just right using my crutch to prop my camera up. I’m the one who get’s in the way of other people’s photos because I can’t see them. But at the end of the day it’s just another challenge that I have to overcome and photography is something that can help take my mind off all of that.

I hope you enjoy my photo’s and please keep checking back as I will try and keep it as up to date as possible.